Biological drain unblocker for kitchens

Our biological drain unblocker for kitchens is an ecological product that can be used in households and catering industry. Due to the high concentration of selected bacterial strains, it effectively decomposes organic material of plant and animal origin. Used regularly, it will leave drains and pipes clean and unobstructed. It eliminates unpleasant odour.

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Product description

Our biological drain unblocker for kitchens contains selected microorganisms that decompose vegetable and animal fats, proteins, starch and cellulose, i.e. organic material that causes clogging of drainage systems in the kitchen. Due to the high metabolic activity of microorganisms, the product effectively unblocks clogged drains and prevents blockages.

Why our biological drain unblocker is worth using?

  • – Prevents clogging of drainage systems,
  • – dissolves fat, oil, and grease in pipes,
  • – breaks down proteins, starch, and cellulose,
  • – eliminates clogs resulting from food leftovers,
  • – eliminates unpleasant odours,
  • – is safe for the plumbing system,
  • – is 100% natural.

Application instructions

Put 10 grams of our biological drain unblocker down the drain, followed by about 0.5-1.0 l of water. Let it rest for several hours, then flush the drain. Use the unblocker once a month or, in case of a large amount of organic material flushed down the drain, once a week. Do not use together with strong detergents or chemical drain cleaners.


Biological drain unblocker for kitchens contains selected microorganisms that break down fats, starch, cellulose and proteins. The product is 100% natural.

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