Biokomposter is a bacterial product that accelerates the process of composting organic waste of plant and animal origin. The product contains carefully selected microorganisms that accelerate the breakdown of organic material in composting piles.

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Product description

Biokomposter accelerates the composting process and eliminates pathogens and parasite eggs from a composting pile. As a result of the activity of Biokomposter specially selected microorganisms, the biological fertilizer obtained from composting is rich in nutrients that are easily absorbed by plants. A range of organic materials can be used for composting, including fruit and vegetable wastes, leaves, weeds, cut grass,  kitchen refuse (i.e. egg shells, coffee gounds, tea bags), and many animal by-products. With Biokomposter, shredded cellulose and lignin can also be composted.

Why Biokomposter is worth using?

  • – Accelerates the composting process,
  • – improves the quality of the biological fertilizer obtained from composting,
  • – eliminates pathogenic bacteria from compost,
  • – increases plant disease resistance,
  • – eliminates unpleasant odour,
  • – is 100% natural and eco-friendly.

Application instructions

The top layer of composted material should be sprinkled with the product and the pile should be turned. Compost needs to be moist; if it is too dry, approximately 10 l of  chlorine-free water should be added. For best results compost piles should be sprinkled with Biokomposter every week and turned every 2-4 weeks. After about 2-6 months (depending on the amount and type of  material) top quality biological fertilizer is obtained. The product is concentrated; one package is sufficient for treating 5m3 of composted material.


Biocomposter contains a mixture of microorganisms immobilized on bran.

Additional information

Biokomposter can be used in all types of composters and in industrial composting facilities. The product contains only natural ingredients and can be used in organic farming. It has the certificate of the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene in Poland

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