BactoRol Plus 5l

BactoRol Plus is an ecological product accelerating the decomposition of organic matter (e.g. crop residues, manure, after-crop) in soil. Due to the activity of bacteria BactoRol Plus improves soil water holding capacity and reduces nutrient leaching. Applied regularly, it improves plant health and crop quality.

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Product description

Selected soil bacteria in BactoRol Plus accelerate the decomposition of plant and animal residue. High biological activity of these bacteria increases humus and nutrient content in soil, improving its water retention properties. BactoRol Plus increases soil water holding capacity, making plants resistant to drought.

Why BactoRol Plus is worth using?

  • – Accelerates decomposition of plant and animal residue,
  • – increases humus content in soil,
  • – retains water and minerals in soil,
  • – increases plant resistance to drought,
  • – ensures plant health,
  • – improves the quantity and quality of crops,
  • – reduces costs of fertilization and irrigation.

Application instructions

Dilute 1 litre of BactoRol Plus in 150-200 l of dechlorinated water and use to spray over the area of 1 hectare. BactoRol Plus can be used simultaneously with ploughing, harrowing and other tasks. The product should not be used during drought or in strong sunlight. The results can be seen after several weeks or months, depending on the weather conditions.


BactoRol Plus contains five strains of saprophytic soil bacteria of the genus Bacillus, isolated from natural habitats.

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