BactoFos 5l

BactoFos is an ecological product used to improve the efficiency of fertilizers. Bacteria in this product stimulate soil biological activity by triggering the release of easily absorbed phosphates, necessary for plant growth.

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Product description

In soil, bacteria from BactoFos gradually decompose calcium phosphate. Increased phosphate concentration enhances plant growth while increased soil biological activity extends the plant root system. Since the effect of BactoFos is based on natural metabolic processes, the use of this product does not carry the risk of over-fertilization and reduces the need for phosphate fertilizers.

Why BactoFos is worth using?

  • – Stimulates phosphate release in soil,
  • – increases yields,
  • – improves plant root growth,
  • – improves soil fertility,
  • – reduces fertilizing costs,
  • – is natural and eco-friendly.

Additional information

BactoFos can be mixed with any phosphate fertilizer to accelerate phosphate release and may increase their concentration by up to 200%.

Application instructions

Dilute 1 litre of BactoFos in 150-200 l of dechlorinated water and use to spray over the area of 1 hectare. The product can be used simultaneously with harrowing, plowing or other tasks. Avoid using BactoFos during drought and in strong sunlight.


BactoFos contains a selection of live soil bacteria isolated from natural habitats.

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