Agro SanitoBac STARTER

Agro SanitoBac Starter is a microbial organic product for improving the quality of  liquid and fermented manure. The product improves the quality of these fertilizers, facilitates pumping them out of tanks, and reduces unplelasant odour. Agro SanitoBac Starter can be used in tanks with pig and cow manure as well as on manure plates. The product contains a selection of live saprophytic microorganisms in concentration of over 10,000,000,000 CFU/g.

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Product description

Bacteria in Agro SanitoBac Starter accelerate the breakdown of  waste matter and liquefy manure, improving its quality. The product reduces foaming as well as scum and sludge formation and eliminates odour compounds. Agro SanitoBac is 100% natural, safe for people and the environment. It does not cause corrosion of the tank.

Why Agro SanitoBac is worth using?

  • – Improves the quality of liquid manure,
  • – reduces scum formation
  • – reduces sludge formation,
  • – reduces foaming,
  • – educes odours,
  • – facilitates pumping out the contents of the tank,
  • – does not cause corrosion of the tank,
  • – is safe for the environment.

Application instructions

Mix well the contents of one package with 10 l of chlorine-free water and leave for 10-12 hours. Pour the solution into the manure tank. The product should be applied at least 3 months before emptying the tank. One package is sufficient for 100 m3 of liquid manure.

Additional information

For best results, a maintenance dose of Agro SanitoBac Kontynuator should be added once a month to liquid manure tanks after Agro SanitoBac Starter application.

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