Agro SanitoBac Kontynuator is a microbial organic product supporting the effect of Agro SanitoBac Starter. It should be used once a month.

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Product description

The product reduces foaming as well as scum and sludge formation and eliminates odour compounds. Agro SanitoBac is 100% natural, safe for people and the environment. It does not cause corrosion of the tank.

Why Agro SanitoBac is worth using?

  • – Improves the quality of liquid manure,
  • – reduces scum formation,
  • – reduces sludge formation,
  • – reduces foaming,
  • – reduces odours,
  • – facilitates pumping out the contents of the tank,
  • – does not cause corrosion of the tank,
  • – is safe for the environment.

Application instructions

Mix well the contents of one package with 10 l of chlorine-free water and leave for 10-12 hours. Pour the solution into the manure tank.One package is sufficient for 100 m3 of liquid manure.

Additional information

For best results, a starting dose of Agro SanitoBac Starter should be added to the liquid manure tank  before Agro SanitoBac Kontynuator application.

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